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daystory7 03-27-2021 01:20 PM

Moving Alice's spine upright while retaining hands at waist level
Hope I am posting in the right place:
I am doing the Coursera course on Animation and Programming in Alice but am stuck. There is no solution code but basically I have an Alice object who bends down to pick up a kite, then she moves fully upright to be standing but with her arms and hands staying extended out at waist level holding the kite and then she releases the kite.

I am stuck because no matter what I do I cannot have the torso spinebase move upright fully so she is standing and leave the arms extended at waist level holding out the kite in front of Alice. I have tried clavicle, I have tried elbows and shoulders turning - no luck.

Any ideas would be great. Truly stuck

djslater107 03-28-2021 09:12 AM

I am not understanding why simply turning the spine base backward (assuming you turned it forward to get into position, and then turned the arms (shoulders) into position, does not straighten the character and leave the arms in the extended position.

What am I missing?

Don Slater
Alice Project

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