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yaya 11-15-2010 12:48 AM

Alices' Character Question
Another question.I have the method ready to get the character to sit.And it WORKED.I used Random Guy(the guy in blue).It was quite easy..BUT,the problem now is..I used the method again to Skater Girl.And I look at the object tree.There is no "SHIN" or "KNEE" unlike Random Guy who have "left pant leg and right pant leg leading to the shin/knee.

The method is this..That i used.!

Random guy4.Left pant leg turn backward 0.25 rev.
Random guy 4.Left pant leg.Left knee.Left shin turn forward 0.25 rev
Random guy 4.Right pant leg turn backward 0.25 rev
Random guy 4.Right pant leg.Right knee.Right shin turn forward o.25 rev
Random guy 4.move down 0.45m
Random guy 4.move backward 0.45

I cant find shin or knee..What should I do?I have to use the skater girl character.Thanks.

Does Alice have certain characters with shin and knee feature?

CasvalZeon 11-15-2010 01:55 AM

If you're looking for the knee portion of skater girl, it should be the lower leg grouping. I hope that helps :)

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