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tkdblake93 09-17-2015 07:32 PM

Assignment 3 complete (Cedar Valley)
I finished Assignment 3 last night. So far this was the trickiest assignment as we had to make the methods look as realistic as possible.

Mummies usually don't move that fast, so mine doesn't either.

I think I got the Pharaoh's arm and hand movements to look as realistic as possible. I couldn't just use "move" or the arm or hand would separate from the rest of the Pharaoh.

When the Pharaoh does his magic gesture, it knocks the mummy back a meter and then it falls back and its arms turn up and back. I got that to look as realistic as possible. I would've like to have gotten the mummy's legs and back to lay flat on the ground, but that would've involved very minute tweaking to get that to happen.

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