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bdoherty 06-16-2015 04:02 PM

Assignment 3 Slow Moving Mummy
Overall, it was a pretty good assignment. I was able to get the mummy to start walking by controlling its right leg and then left leg. I originally started creating multiple methods in the Step method, but then realized I could use a loop and only needed to create the move left leg, then move right leg, then move upper body and the loop allowed it to repeat 10 times, until it got to the Pharaoh.

Moving the Pharaohs arm was somewhat difficult, since I kept going through each movement and couldn't find the correct one, until I located the turn, backwards method, which allowed the Pharaoh to point at the mummy.

I did look at the Randomize Frog program and was able to mimic some code to make my program do similar things.

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