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Daniel8769 08-03-2017 03:21 AM

Randome movement of rings
On lab three I got the code out for the collision of the cone and ring with no problem. My issue was the up down movement and the random placement in the world. I had that ring shooting all over the place and any time it came down it found just one location to do so. A void moving the ring to the ground. It will always go to one section of the ground in the world. Best to just use Move Up and Move Down. I had issues with the ring staying off the view of the camera. I set up boundary limitations and had the right left movements reset its variable so that it would find its way back to the center of the world. If anyone is having a hard time with the scoring you should go back to your code for assignment 6 with the counting of bottles.

sptaylor17 08-03-2017 09:52 AM

Did you use dummy rings to anchor the actual ring back to the starting position? Where did you find this collision code at in the book?

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