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damnvr 05-13-2009 10:18 PM

Boolean Functions
I'm having trouble making a Boolean function on Zombie world; the zombie walks forward towards the grave and falls in. Zombie should walk forward, A boolean function named isAboveGrave returns true if the zombie is within one-half meter of the grave. When the function returns true, make the zombie fall in.

If someone can help me start out the Boolean function that would be great; I've been having trouble all day trying to set up boolean functions, the book doesn't help.

HisWorld 05-13-2009 11:34 PM

Great question.

Boolean logical is the basis for any computer science major. As you already know boolean logic is a series of true-false statements. This can get more complicated later on with -AND- -OR- -EXCLUSIVE OR- -NOR- gates but using the functions in Alice are a breeze.

Think of the boolean as a condition like a light switch. light switch on? This can only be true or false, there is no half on or quarter on.

For the most part programming in higher level code such as Alice you can do the same thing using a variable of type numbers instead of a boolean variable.

Here is a preface on how to use this within Alice from memory.
-1. Create a global variable of type boolean.
-2. Find a point in your code that you wish to use an if statement to check if a certain condition is taking place. "If zombie is distanceaway from hole" "Do somthing" Part of this do something will be to indicate this change by changing your boolean variable.
-3. This will allow you to have different if statement in different methods to be able to understand that your zombie has fallen in the hole.

It's late I hope all that made sense!

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