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timsally 12-19-2010 02:35 PM

Programming with Alice and Java - Mummy Assignment
I just finished my second assignment (like the posts before me) for my DCCCD class [I]Programming Logic and Design[/I].

I enjoyed working with methods, particularly creating methods with multiple calls to create a more complex behavior. I had the mummy shuffle by one such method. I shuffled the legs (leg object of the mummy object) to mimic a mummy's walk, but had to create a reverse movement to realign it when I moved the entire body (mummy object). I had to do that because the legs are part of the mummy object and will move forward with the entire body:

mummy.left leg move forward 1 meter
Do together:
mummy move forward 1 meter
mummy.left leg move [B]backward[/B] 1 meter
[I]// repeat this time with the right leg[/I]

Does anyone know of a better way to accomplish what I did?

And as always, I'm wondering if the chopiness of the playback is due to the program or if there is something I can do to make it less choppy?


Tim S.

David B 12-19-2010 07:16 PM

I don't quite understand what your problem is, but apparently many students have had this assignment, and many of them have run in to some sort of problem. Check out these threads, and you may find what you need.




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