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tondelayaj 12-20-2016 02:36 PM

Assignment 2
I built my first Alice world and I am not sure how I did. I do not think I did too bad but I did have problems with positioning my objects in different areas. This is going to take a lot of practice but I am up for the challenge.

chickentree 12-20-2016 06:33 PM

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Did you look at your scene using Quad View?

In Alice's default screen click the Add Objects button at the lower right of the screen view.
In the Top Left panel you will see two radio buttons "Single View" and "Quad View."

******* BUT FIRST *******
[LIST=1][*]Click the "More Controls" Button.[*]Click the "drop dummy at camera" button.[*]Click the "+" next to the folder that appears in the object list column (the top left panel.)[*]Right click on "dummy" (the new dummy object) and name it camera default.[/LIST]
None of the above steps are necessary but it can save you many hours of frustration going forward because you can now get the camera back to its original position by:[LIST=1][*]Right click the Camera in the object list (hold the button down until the command is complete).[*]Open the methods list[*]select "camera set point of view to " [*]In the object list that appears pick "camera default" (Release the right mouse button)[/LIST]
Now click the "quad view" radio button you can select and move objects in any of the four views but objects will only move in certain directions in a given view. You can also move the camera around to get a better look at something if needed.

Here is the most dramatic example I have showing what can go wrong when looking at a 3D object in 2D. It is not a contrived example but a submission by a student who gave me permission to use it as long as I did not mention his name. :)

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