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Default 11-11-2009, 04:38 PM

Honestly, 90% of that is fluff code, stuff that doesn't really help you determine the problem. Focus on the top few lines in the second paragraph when reading these error messages.

Oh eew blech yuck, you're using Mac?!? Urp...

Okay, it looks like one of two things:

-one of the objects in question, either one of the taurii or one of the shapes, is undefined when the collision method is called. make sure any variables used have initial values and make sure no action in your world refers to an item in the list of shapes which doesn't exist.

-if you copied the same method repeatedly, Alice has confused them all for the same method and has run into problems because of it. Delete all but the first one, and drag'n'drop a new For all in order tile for each taurus.

Let me know if these work. If they don't (or if they don't apply), go ahead and post your world.

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