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Lab2 completed Loooooopppppyyyyy
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So going into this lab, once I was finished with the reading material, I then read Keith Taylor's post prior to beginning our task. Luckily, Keith is nice enough to start us out with a few solid hints regarding his 'lessons learned'. I then was able to put together most of the code that I felt was right, but was still a little confused as to the outcome due to the fact that I'm unable to view the actions I've created with the consistent java errors.

Sooooo, with that being said, I reached out to my friend and yours Keith Taylor. I shot him my code, questions and assumptions as to what the code would do and/or what I thought it would do. Keith was Johnny on the spot with replies, answered my questions and gave me a few hints as to how I may want to re-work some of my code. I can't Thank him enough for the assistance as it's great to have a SOLID team member to work with!

On to the next lesson....
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