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Multiplayer Alice Game (no, really!)
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Talking Multiplayer Alice Game (no, really!) - 11-07-2011, 07:07 AM

OK, so on the way to school today, I thought up an interesting idea for an Alice multiplayer game. I'm not talking about multiple people in the same world controlling their own character, I'm thinking more along the lines of we as the community could create a game where you solve puzzles, shoot zombies, defend a base, play a rhythm (I could not spell that for the life of me!) game, or something along those lines where the player gets a score after completing a task. Then, once the player gets a score, the game picks a username from a list of participating members, and some kind of modifier for the selected member. This way, each person plays one or more of the minigames, and they get a name and a bit of code that their chosen member has to put in their program.

For the rhythm game, it could speed up the song, for the zombie shooter, it could add health to the enemies, the puzzle game could have a time limit, and the base defender might be restricted to only a few defensive moves a minute. If anyone else would like to collaborate on a project like this, post a comment! We'll get a group together to work on balancing the games, creating puzzles, and whatever else needs to be done. The world loader tool from arty's community pack is going to be huge here so that we can pass scores from one game to another without creating one massive, laggy world.

If anyone has any suggestions, any ideas, or the guts to participate in this project, post a comment and we'll get started. (Be forewarned! I have a problem with micromanaging, so I'm going to apologize in advance if I try to take over this task, and I would appreciate reality checks if I'm getting too controlling. I want this to be a community project first and foremost!)

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