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Just a start!
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Default Just a start! - 09-20-2014, 03:48 AM

I know the animations are a big buggy, but I'm working on a solution! This is I guess a prototype for my clamping system in FPS in Alice. It's not the best, but it gets the job done. Let me know what you think!!!

Controls :
WASD : Movement
Arrow Keys : Looking Around
C : Aim

This version includes :

Looking Clamps -
I've implemented a looking system similar to one of a mouse look script. There is two "calibration" numbers to calculate how far you've turned in a certain direction. I've simply set a limit on these numbers, and used if statements to detect whether the camera has turned too much on one axis. If it is detected, I've approximated the return value (how much the camera needs to turn back relative to it's rotation and 'calibration'), and applied it. Of course, this being a prototype, it has some bugs. But that'll all be fixed soon.

Animations -
I added animations such as weapon sway animations, and walking animations. What is different about these animations, is that it's not just an animation, if it was then the weapon would move out of it's position if too many keys with different animations were pressed. After finishing a walk animation, the weapon moves and orients back to a dummy set at it's normal or 'hip' position. It is the same if you'e aiming. I've tested some recoil animations that would be affected by specific variables, but so far that's a bust. So to make up for it, there is a simple recoil animation.

Reload, and Running Coming Soon!

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