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Default Update! - 09-20-2014, 05:09 AM

Here's the reload and running. Mind that the running doesn't have any animation yet, and that the walking animations are a bit buggy due to all the coding I inputed to check whether the player was aiming, since I was having issues where the gun would pop out of it's respective position. If that does happen, just tap a walking or aiming key and it should move back to its original position.

Change log :
Different Controls! -
Since I don't have mouse aiming, shooting while aiming was a pain. So, I implemented different controls that should make running, jumping, shooting, and reloading easily accessible.

Movement : WASD
Looking : IJKL
Aiming : C
Reload : R
Running : Shift
Shooting : N
Jumping : Spacebar

Let me know if any action is at an awkward angle relative to the walking or looking keys.

New "isReloading" bool and bullet awareness -
The gun now has a bullet limit, and cannot shoot over that limit. The isReloading boolean stops the player from shooting while reloading.

Ammo Count, Run Animation, Health & Health Bar Coming Soon!

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