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Default Update! - 09-20-2014, 07:40 AM

Well, it took my about two hours to finish this update. I've added a run animation (as promised), and an advanced bullet count system (somewhat as promised). Also, I've changed the shoot button so that it's closer to the look controls.

Controls :
WASD - Movement
IJKL - Looking/Aiming
Shift - Run
C - Aim
R - Reload
; - Shoot
Space - Jump

Change Log :

Bullet Count System -
I've added a bullet count system that lists the total ammo count, and the bullet count (in mag). I've also added a variable that detects the amount of bullets fired to determine how much gets subtracted from the total ammo count. This variable is called bulletValueCheck, the is the absolute value of the subtracted value of the bullet count and the amount of bullets that should be in the mag. If that absolute value is greater than the amount of ammo in total is left, then the total ammo is simply added onto the bullet count, and the negative value that is returned in the ammo count variable is balance out when it's added by it's absolute value. Yes, it seems complicated, because it is...

Run Animation -
The run animation is fairly simple, I didn't put much time into it, seeing that animating in Alice is a pain for me.

New Fire Button-
I found that the previous 'N' key for firing was impractical, it got in the way of the spacebar. So I found a different key to use that was close to some key that are normally used.

Health, Death, Weapon Swapping Coming Soon!

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