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Default 04-02-2012, 10:56 AM

Glad it loads properly.

That's good. Did you try circle-strafing and tracking the zombie simultaneously? I found that difficult, but perhaps that's unique to my system.

Switching between auto-fire and button mashing could be difficult to implement. I'll consider it a secondary-priority feature.

I can easily change the keys used to switch the weapons. In fact, I may be able to work a way to customize controls in-game. Should the number keys be used for the power activations then?

I was considering adding a HUD to track your ammo and health, among other things, but since that's easily done, I wanted to test the physical mechanics before moving on.

Not using the second gun is possible to add and could be used plausibly to make reloading faster, but otherwise there's no real advantage to it (there's no recoil or accuracy modifiers to consider as of now). I doubt I'll add it, since I was planning on implementing upgrades for the guns (damage, clip size, reload speed, etc.) already.

And I plan on giving it plenty of flair, I just didn't want it to turn out like RP Trophies: liked for the flair, panned for the gameplay issues.

Thanks for taking the time to test it. I really appreciate it.

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