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can't navigate to the gallery folder... wow. It'd be understandable if you've never used a computer before but Alice is about programming, if you can't find a folder then I don't think programming is for you.

Oh yeah, nice object pack. I like how the weapons are categorized, ElectricKirby will like the walking Kirby, (I'm assuming, I don't know if he actually likes kirby lol) and jedi will like the master cheif. I also notice you changed the texture on debussybunnies Assualt Rifle because it had his name plastered on it (nice strategy btw) The other assualt rifle is cool even it it's texture already has a number on it. You should add in the Elite, Grunt, needler, and pelican debus made though, he gave them to jedi in this thread and there are no names on it

you'll have to go through a few pages to get all of them but they are really high quality and great for any Halo fan. It's 3 pages down so regulalry you would only find it by searching, or looking back through all those objects...

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