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Originally Posted by djslater107 View Post
Here is a link to a .pdf of a set of Powerpoint slides that describe how to create a scoreboard from an Alice text object (I am assuming you are working in Alice 2 - let me know if you need this information for Alice 3, although the principles are very close, or if you have problems with the link).

In the slides, the score is increased when the cow is clicked on with the mouse. In your case, you would increase the score when a correct answer is given in the if statement.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Don Slater
Alice Project

I am working with Alice 3.6. I love the scorekeeper idea but unfortunately, my sister (his mother) wants me to show him the game using a more challenging approach to the coding. The goal is once I have his scores added up for a "grand total", I have the animation tell him his percentage (to simulate granting a grade) based on the total correct out of the number of questions. An exception to this would be I assume, that the score keeper method can be used to do the same thing? Add up all the scores to give a total percentage from how many problems right? Thank you for your response.
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