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Assignment 5 - nested If statements
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Default Assignment 5 - nested If statements - 10-05-2016, 12:13 PM

Yikes, I had trouble trying to get the concept of how my program would need to do a different action based on one of THREE different answers!

It was easy to understand how to do actions based on two different answers, because that a simple true/false or if/else choice.
I kept rereading the text, watching various youtube videos, and experimenting with my animation, until I finally had an 'aha' moment.

In order to get my program to work correctly, I created one variable to ask the user to input an age. Then I used that variable in the first if/else statement, for the path age is > 21, so user is too old to enter the club.
I then dragged in a second if/else statement, and repeated the process of using the variable, except this time the path was 'age is < 21, so user is too young'.
Then I dragged in a 3rd if/else statement, this time for the path age = 21, so user can enter the club.

The mistake I had been making in the beginning, was trying to make all three of the paths work, via only TWO if/else statements.
Once I figured out that I needed a separate if/else for EACH path, it was easy peasy!
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