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Default 09-21-2006, 06:27 PM

Based upon what you told us, the error is more than likely with your OS, not Alice. It also could be due to a faulty memory chip. Anytime you receive the msg, "...your computer has recovered from a serieus error do you want to send a error repoert" [sic]... that message is being sent by your OS, not Alice. NO ONE really knows what they (M$) do with all the responses they receive to those messages. Perhaps if they receive enough of them they look into the problem.

The msg about saving every 15 mins is a part of Alice, however I seldom "Accept" it and it's never been a problem, including when I sometimes do save based upon that message.

May I ask what grade you are in at school? Part of being able to communicate a problem and to receive immediate help is to be able to spell properly and to formulate a comprehensive sentence. I mean no harm nor disrespect, but it has not been easy to ascertain your problem based upon what you have typed.

I wish you great luck and Good Programming !!
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