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Red face A possibility - 10-13-2006, 11:18 PM

I may just be sensitive to this because I tried to import a 16M object file (I overdid the subdivisions a bit on the mesh a bit and wasn't really watching the resulting file size) this afternoon and it made Alice behave strangely until I completely stopped and rebooted the computer. I didn't get anything from Alice except "a problem was encountered displaying this object" and a "try again" or "quit" option - I should have quit before I did.

But anyway, what struck me was the large size of your texture files at nearly 27M. I went back and checked some old worlds and this is at least 5X what I've ever had. I've also had problems running worlds with one of the large environments from the gallery and with four or five objects - just don't think Alice can keep up, at least on my hardware - though the problem doesn't seem to be obviously hardware dependent.

Maybe you already know, but I'd check where the large texture number is coming from and/or delete things like any large environments. Another possibility is that you are using an uncompressed texture file that was generate with a high resolution - this can give problems and is not something you think of right away, since once you're in Alice, the details of the textures are pretty well hidden. (You can also have problems with large sound files, though that doesn't sound like the problem you're having.)

Good Luck.

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