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This is the result of Alice programming???..."to create a atmosphere of violence"...the programmers never intended for Alice to be used in a derogatory offense shaydon....but isn't there some other 3d objects that would be more interesting to children who visit this site? should know better too...violence and Alice in the forums is not the perspective meaning to programming for future generations...When you construct a platform and use a violent vehicle to issue the idea planted into young have lost the integrity of the program entirely to instigate a violent act which is against the Alice rules and regs..

The Professor
There are many mathematical and programming aspects that go into programming a first person shooter that I'm fairly sure you don't understand. I've seen the development of a place that wanted to promote programming and one of the main games they have is a shooting game. After a few years, these shooting games got so advanced to the point where the guns had used trigonometry so the projectiles had an arc to them, there was AI implemented and quite a lot more features which all came from people who barely knew programming when they started.

Now, I'm not saying that this genre of games are the only ones to do since the same place also made other games such as tetris, solitaire, etc. but there is both very advanced math (such as calculus) and advanced programming that can go into shooter games and I'm very surprised that you, as a professor nonetheless, had no clue about this.

I would also suggest that you don't act like you are part of the administration as you are not and therefore you can't give warnings on behalf of those that are in the administration. There's also no rule or regulation that suggests that shooter games either need specific permission from the Alice team to make or that you are restricted to certain genres, so I suggest you back up your claims with proof before stating them.
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