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Question 04-27-2015, 08:58 AM

Originally Posted by RavenOfCode View Post
I did everything you said... but the mod tab in alice still isnt showing up...
Do you mean the mods menu in Alice? Because that won't show up until you install any mods, which you can do from the mods tab in Alice Launcher.

Is Alice Launcher showing up to begin with? Is the Help menu label there like in the picture above?

So, in Alice Launcher, before Alice has started, you go to the mods tab like in the picture above. Then you can either download a mod from here and install it, or you can click on the "store" sub-tab and install a mod from there, that'll probably throw up an error, just click to continue and ignore it, it lies. Then, if Alice was already open, close it, because installed mods won't take effect until Alice is restarted. If it's not open, then just click the "Launch Alice" button from the top-right of the Alice Launcher window. Finally, once Alice is started, you should have that menu.


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