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Wink 09-24-2007, 07:46 PM

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Here is a partial quotation from the excellent textbook titled Introduction to Computing and Programming with Java, A Multimedia Approach:

"Early silent pictures were 16 fps. Motion pictures standardized on 24 fps to make sound smoother. ... Digital video (e.g., video cameras) capture at 30 fps. ... Video game players say that they can discern a difference between 30fps video and 60 fps video."

So, take your choice. Just remember that the higher the frame rate, the larger will be the video file and the more computational stress will be placed on your computer while you are concurrently playing your Alice world and capturing video. My HP laptop has a hard time accomplishing both tasks reliably even at low frame rates.

Dick Baldwin
Well actually I've found ZD Soft Game Recorder is one of the few that can record alice
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