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Originally Posted by jediaction View Post


Different Modes
Fun Challenge
Power Ups


Annoying walls


80/100 by Chrome Games

It was fun. I appreciate the different game modes. The gameplay is very solid also. What I found funny, is if you just move left and right when the balls shoot, they will never hit you...even when the objects fall. The achievements are not done yet, but that is ok. I had enough fun with the three game modes. The power ups are also a very good feature to the game and keep it entertaining for a long while. I didn't like the fact that if you hit the wall, you lose a life. It would of been nicer to see a solid Collision system from Zonedabone or another collision expert. There were no sounds, but it kept the file size low. I did find all the game modes very repetitive though, becuase the turrets never change and they always shoot the same bullets at you. Overall, this game is fun and is definatly worth the download.
Two things:

What do you mean the acheivment aren't done yet? there are 6 on the acheivments page*
if you want me to list them it would be okay, but i dunno if people just want to find them for themselves

Yeah, Alice on my cpu will not let me have sound, i tryed, but it died.

(edit) if I fixed those things , would you update the review?

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