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Nazi Zombie Recreate
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Question Nazi Zombie Recreate - 12-03-2009, 07:33 PM

Ok...So I'm making a game like Nazi Zombies and I have some questions I hope can be answered.

1.Does anyone have any Gun objects other than the revolver.
2.How would i make the camera look like it's go up and down stairs.
3.I made the revolver reload after 8 shots have been fired, but after 8 shots it will only reload and i want it to loop its 8 shots and reload. how do i do that.
4.How do i make it so that when my bullet is within a certain distance from the zombie only that zombie will die and not any other zombie will die.
5.I want is so when the mystery box opens only one gun will come up, when its clicked on it will put back the current equiped weapon, and the gun clicked on will stop its mystery box cycle.

Now if any of those are possible and can be explained that would be AWESOME. Please and Thank You.
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