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Alice 2.2 inconsistent in Windows 7
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Default Alice 2.2 inconsistent in Windows 7 - 03-19-2010, 03:09 AM

Thanks for your reply.

I am really liking the Windows 7 OS except for these weird problems I am having with Alice 2.2. I am a college professor in a Math/CS department, and I am using Alice in one of the courses I am teaching this term. My college is planning a campus wide OS upgrade to Windows 7 of all student laptops in the fall, so I was asked to test the new OS out this term.

Because of this, I installed Windows 7 on a loaner laptop and tested Alice 2.2. It and all my other departmental software worked fine, so I decided to upgrade my primary laptop to Windows 7. Now I am experiencing these weird problems.

In some ways, I am glad that I am experiencing these problems because I hope to be able to figure this out before our students are subjected to these problems in the Fall. On the other hand, it is a somewhat of a problem for me this term... I can't really use Alice 2.0 when my students are using 2.2... And if I don't figure this out, students will have these problems in the Fall.

Furthermore, I am baffled why Alice 2.2 runs fine all the time in some Windows 7 environments, but only occasionally fully opens in mine. More baffling still is why my installation occasionally runs fine, while most of the time (if it opens at all) generates Java errors with working worlds... And this is true with multiple reinstalls from multiple sources, including copying the Alice folder directly from a Windows 7 machine where Alice 2.2 is working fine.
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