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Have you tried a mirror download? Sometimes files can get corrupted in the process of downloading because of the location.

Do you have a recovery CD for Windows 7? If so, you should try a low-level format (ie: zero-wiping, etc) and then reinstall Windows using the recovery CD. This is usually used as a last resort, but I've actually had several conflicts with other programs that didn't even exist when I switched operating systems. If you want a program to do low-level formatting, I would suggest using "Darik's Boot and Nuke".
I really appreciate these suggestions.

I have now installed Alice 2.2 from a variety of locations... including copying the folder from my other Window 7 environment where Alice 2.2 is working fine. Some worked better than others (like once every 7-15 times or something,) but none work sufficiently well to be usable...

I upgraded my hard-drive at the same time as upgrading to Windows 7 (a week ago), so I doubt I need a reformat... However, I am indeed suspecting a software conflict... I have not installed very many programs at this point, so one would think that would narrow the issue down...
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