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Description: so far the game is around 97mb lol. you are the hero Van Berick the head of the city guard. You live in the valley of Minstan. You live in a realm next to the faerie which is isolated from you without entering a dungeon. No one has heard of any news from the faeries for at-least 13 years. ( some think they have died off.) In your town theres a black smith, wizard, castle, garden, dungeon, jousting ring, church, farm, forest, and some town buildings. This game is not complete there are no quest no monsters and the faerie terrain isnt done. Some enemies, obviously a dragon, wizard, boars, bees, skeletons, and some special oversized... Weapons there may be 1 or two. Will be no magic its melee only its already almost 100mb.

You may be able to guess there are no screen shots of the faerie terrain. the shot of the dungeon its obvious what is used. but i didnt give it all away. You will have a mount. not usable in combat. Guards turn to face you and talk when close enough. there name only appears if your close enough. Several things like doors and descriptions only appear if you are in distance. I may add potions but idk it is getting large. the collision is getting very laggy. the game has music and sound effects. i wont say everything as for there must be surprises.


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