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Perhaps I should rephrase that. You can have methods or events, but not any that are supposed to actually do things. For example, in my Ocean world I was thinking about creating "Water Fog", as Crytek calls it. Simply put, when you go underwater there is a layer of blurred color in front of you that gives you the illusion that you're underwater. I would set this layer of color in front of the camera when it reaches a certain distance, however force the fog layer to stop moving before it exits the water. Otherwise I can have an "Occlusion" solid shape, in which I abuse transparency glitches to make sure the fog layer doesn't show outside of the water.

For the sky you can simply google HDR Panoramic Skies. They're very expensive, but I imagine if you're lucky you can find a good amount of usable ones for free. You're going to have to make the skydome yourself, however.
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