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Red face 11-10-2010, 06:39 PM

Originally Posted by debussybunny563 View Post
I agree that it'd be a useful thing, but there are many things which would have to be resolved, and with which it'd be better to achieve results with manually.

For one thing, pivot points. Almost guaranteed not to be in the right place.
Things like textures can also be difficult to handle, and just the individual variances that can occur between objects.

I for one think there'd be too many issues that'd arise, and it'd be better just to leave it as is instead of spend the effort to attempt something that might invariably fail.

There's probably more to it in trying to implement such a thing.

Sorry if I'm being too pessimistic.
I believe it would be completly worth attempting even if it does fail there is still that small chance of success it would be worth it.

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