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Excessive load times with Win7 - adm logon does not help
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Default Excessive load times with Win7 - adm logon does not help - 03-02-2012, 09:13 AM

Originally Posted by woessner View Post
I am also having trouble with Windows 7 and Alice. I think it might be related to read/write permissions. Are there any files/folders that Alice assumes permission to read/write? I can log in as administrator and it runs just fine. When I log in as a student (with fewer permissions) it hangs at the loading screen.
With our new DELL Intel Duo Core computers with Windows 7 and 3 GB of memory, Alice takes about 3 minutes to open to the Welcome to Alice popup window and another 3 minutes to respond to a click of one of the tabs. We just tried logging in to a computer as administrator and it made almost no difference. Does anyone have any further thoughts? The computers we had for the previous four years loaded Alice in about 20 seconds.

Bill Dunklau
Lakehill Preparatory School, Dallas, TX
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