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Originally Posted by GijoeFan1976 View Post
I tried to follow the person that did the butterflies, but not working. I tried to follow teacher but it got to complicated after all the changes.

Look at your code. In the second 'Do Together' your wings do not move back to where they started (0.12 vs 0.20). Also if you want them to really flap they should probably move in a slightly different way.
  1. Move the wings some amount - you've chosen 0.2.
  2. Move the wings the oppisite way twice that amount. This takes them through 0 and to the other extream.
  3. Move back to the start, this would be the same as the first 'Do Togther' and the wings should be back where they started.
Also note that due to the way Alice creates the movie, moving in two directions at the same time and then trying to return to the original position does not always work.
If this is the problem capturing a pose before you start and then setting the pose after the 2nd "flap" should work. If you use timing when setting the pose Alice will morph it from where ever you start back to the beginning.


Mark Henwood
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