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Thanks DrJim,

I was aware that you can stop recording with the F6 key, but was not aware that you can also start recording with a function key. I will try that. It should help. (It may also be the F6 key.) I also wasn't aware of the Movie Maker optimizer. I will give that a try as well.

A procedure that seems to work pretty well is to insert some code at the beginning of the default startup method to:

1. Set the isShowing property of all objects to false in zero seconds duration.
2. wait for 2 (or more) seconds
3. Set the isShowing property of all objects to true in zero seconds duration.

Assuming that the sky is blue, this produces a blue screen lasting for two seconds when you play the world.

The procedure then is to:

1. Play the world and immediately click the Pause button on the world window while only the blue screen is showing.
2. Start the recorder.
3. When you hear the click from BSR indicating that recording has started, click the Resume button on the world window.

When you get to the end, press the F6 key.

This causes the movie to begin with an innocuous blue screen and the pause doesn't seem so objectionable.

All in all, I am pleased with this ability to create movies of Alice worlds in action. I don't need large high quality movies for my purposes. Small low-quality movies serve my needs and this approach works well for that. However, I don't know how well it would work if a larger high quality movie is needed.

Once again, thanks to Victoria Webb for her detailed information.

Dick Baldwin

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