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Originally Posted by Dameria View Post
This is the same way that I do my bullet collisions. The only thing that I do differently is, instead of "distance in front of" and "distance behind", I have "distance above" and "distance below", it seems to make it more accurate for me.

I am actually about to post a new world that I created, a Sniper example, that will demonstrate how to zoom in on Alice, how to add random recoil to a gun, and how to add this type of bullet collision (no bullets) that effect different subparts of the body, you will see it either later today or tomorrow.
The way my bullet (or reference) is oriented, I have to use in front of and behind, so whatever.

Zooming, you change the viewing angles in the seldom used properties of the camera.

Random recoil, use the random number function and use min and max as your parameters.

For different subparts, just use the same bullet collision function, but in the parameter put the subpart in, and then make a method for each.

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