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Originally Posted by stupidmonkey View Post
Choose a ride object other than the carousel from the Amusement Park gallery that moves in a circular pattern (a round-and-round matter, like the Ferris wheel). Create a method that performs an animation appropriate for the ride object selected. Then, create a way to start and stop the ride using the While something is true event.

How do you make the selected object stop using a while command?

^_^ Examples will be appreciated.

Add a new object, like a button. Create a property for the button (activated - true/false). Then, create a method to turn the switch on or off. Something simple such as:
//Turns the button on and off
void changeButtonStatus()
     //Checks to see if the button is currently on
     //If the button is on, it is turned off
     //If the button is off, it is turned on
     if(button.activated == true)
          //Button is on, so we turn it off
          button.color = red;
          button.activated = false;
     } else {
          //Button is off, so we turn it on
          button.color = green;
          button.activated = true;
Call the method when the button is clicked (using an event).

Now, all you need to do is set the while statement to:
//While the button is on, let the ride run.
while(button.activated == true)
} else {
     //Do Nothing
That's the basics of it at least, good luck! (:

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