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Assigment 4
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Default Assigment 4 - 09-24-2016, 11:18 AM

For this assignment I created a lunar landing where the astronaut steps of the lander, looks around and sees a frog. The frog hops away and the astronaut follows the frog and comes up to a pond full of frogs, the astronaut takes off the helmet and an earthly frog pops out stating that it is home, then suddenly the astronaut is gone, and an alien its standing in its place, then the alien proceeds to sing the song. The scene when a little longer that I was expecting but like Kirk mention that it took him a while to come up with something, I too was having a hard time trying to come up with a scene.
I use a lot of camera movements along with the opacity properties to try to cut down on the amount of poses and code that I would have had to create for the various characters. There are quite a few do together and do in order control statements throughout the program. Getting a human character to walk in natural steps is a challenge for me. Originally I wanted the frog to hop across the view of the astronaut by using the code found in chapter two for the frog hop method example, but it did not work out like the example. I would capture the pose for the frog with its legs extended but when I wrote the method just like the book example, my frog’s legs would turn in different directions but would not extend, Finally I coded the frogs left and right leg and got it to hop correctly. The hardest part of generating a random number is to remember where to find the random number feature.
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