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Originally Posted by HisWorld View Post
Well, first let me ask you how much programming experience do you have? Can you figure out a way to add some simulated inertia? Meaning your car gradually builds up speed?

I doubt you will be able to complete this or understand what I am saying without that level of expertise.

As I have never done this or seen it done I can't be for certain the best method. But I bet the best method would be to create a very small object starting inside the vehicle you intend to use. Have that object be the one controling the speed and direction of your vehicle.

I made a world that might get you started in the right direction, I tried for maybe an hour to be able to manipulate the orientation of objects in a way other than simply setting one = to another.

No success but I bet you can figure it out Keep me updated.
Wow thats a really good start to drifting HisWorld I really like the stuff you have been posting on the forum =), I mean honestly with that all you would need to do is make an animation for a fast turn and mess with he speed as your doing the drift to make it look like it.

in a new method called when you hit shift

if your moveing currently //(I forgot what var you used lol)
while world.drifting == true //while pressing shift make this true when shift is let go of make it false
if world.isturningleft == true
//make it so when you turn left it sets isturningleft to true and when your turning right set it false
do together
method slowdown var setnewspeed = 3 and set drift == true
turn car left .05
method speedup setnewspeed = 3
turn car right .05

and in slowdown and speedup make it so setnewspeed when its not 0 will change the current speed to w/e the var is and make it so when drift == true it changes how speed is sloweddown/speedup I mean at this point its all just makeing it look cool ^_^

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