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Originally Posted by reuben2011 View Post
Maybe in the "while the key is pressed", you could have the initial jump in the "start" part of of the event, you could have the user to continue to "rise" in the air as long as the key is pressed, and you can have the landing sequence in the "ending" part of the "while the key is pressed event."
i was thinking about that, but i don't want the user to make this guy jump ungodly high, i just want a nice short little jump, but repeatedly
i was wondering if there was a function that can ask if the button is pressed, and put it into a while statement, while button is pressed, loop this code, or check to see if its still pressed at the end of the code, and if it is, run the code again, and keep checking at the end of the code... like maybe create a variable that that is all the jump command does is turn it to true, then have a while jump value = true, do jump... could that work?
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