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Default Help - 11-02-2014, 09:29 PM

Originally Posted by AliceMaster00 View Post
Hey guys! I'm back, finally, after 2 years of inactivity, to help others with Alice and Unity projects. I'm currently working on a FPS on Unity, and I'm going to make one on Alice now! I need you guys/gals to let me know what you want to see in this next FPS. Now, seeing the I'm programming using Alice, it'll be difficult to implement colliders, realistic recoil, clamps for the aiming, etc., so bear with me and don't go overboard with the suggestions. If you guys would like tutorials for Unity, I will gladly help you out.
I am a current Introduction to Computers student. I need assistance in my Alice assignments writing simple code and am looking for a tutor to assist me before i fail. I have paypal and can compensate a small fee as well if needed. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks
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