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Latest Update

Gloo 100%
Gloo is now 100% finished.
A screenshot can be previewed by clicking here.

Updating now works

The update feature of addons now works.

New Addon - Super Scripter

The Arty-fishL Scripter has now become a new addon (renamed to Super Scripter).
More info here.

New Addon - Alice CMD
This new addon could be making its way into the project sometime in the near future, but for now it is in its early days and will not be released with the main release, therefore nothing more will be said about it.

Alternative Gallery Addon Issues
I am having big problems with the Alternative Gallery addon and therefore its future is uncertain. This addon looks likely to not be released with the main release and may never ever see the face of Alice any time.

Texture Tools 99%
Texture tools is on the verge of being finished and is almost ready.

New Installer Format

I have added a second addon installer format which is a package install (the other one was a textual install), this allows for extra files to be installed with an addon to make it much better.

Many other features not mentioned have been added, tweaked, refined and updated; progress is really coming along.


I have mostly moved on from Alice, but may still respond to messages if important [-]
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