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Prehistoric showdown (please play it)
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Default Prehistoric showdown (please play it) - 07-09-2010, 11:20 PM

Alright everybody. This is my first official Alice World after 3 days of using Alice 2.2.

About the game - Your a cowboy with a problem. There is an uninvited guest in your valley and s/he is 8 stories tall. The only weapon you have is a 6 shooter revolver and it's going to take a lot of bullets to kill this enemy. Lucky for you you carry a seemingly unlimited amount of bullets where ever you go.

The enemy's health is set to 50 under its .Health variable. If the game seems too hard/easy or long/short just change the enemy's .Health variable up/down accordingly.

Known Bugs:
Sometimes the gun's flame gets stuck on.
Also, sometimes if your near where the fence intersects the hill and your looking at the enemy, the enemy will randomly stretch and sometimes even disappear. I've yet to figure where s/he goes but I can tell s/he's still alive. If this happens I don't think s/he'll come back so you have to restart the game.

Note that I put a barrier to try and stop the cowboy from going through the cliffs, walls and ground. There are still parts you can go through but not too many. Also there are open areas that you cant go to because of this.

Alright, please try my game and tell me what you think.
Comment, criticize and suggest.

Thank You!!!

I put a video on YouTube
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