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Default Thank You - 07-28-2010, 07:31 AM

First of all, I really appreciate you trying my game and giving me this detailed feed back. As far as the aiming, as long as the t rex is in front of the gun when it is fired she will get hit. For example if your running around the cowboys arms will be moving so when you shoot, the gun may be facing the ground or the sky or at the t rex. This was my first game so I didn't know how to make a bullet and use collision detection (which sux in alice, unless i missed something). I limited the environment cuz the game was made on a mac and alice for mac tends to freeze when there are a lot of objects. Also, I put a restraint on how far the cowboy can travel to try and prevent him from being able to walk through the walls and the cliffs.

Out of the 7 schools I applied for, Carnegie Mellon is the only one that didn't accept me. They wait listed me, but I hold no grudges. Alice is awesome and Claytronics , om*g. Some one should figure out how to put these two projects together. It would revolutionize not only the gaming industry, but the world... scratch that, the Universe... scratch that, the Multiverse!
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