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In Need of A.I. code !!!!!
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Default In Need of A.I. code !!!!! - 10-27-2009, 08:42 PM

what i have:
-a few enemies
-a protagonist character
-an object representing a piece of technology

what i need (thats where you come in):
-the enemies are constantly trying to obtain the tech
-however, if the enemies come within 2 meters of the protagonist, and the player presses space, the enemy moves backwards 3 meters.
-the enemy shakes off the daze, and continues to get the object
-when the enemies reach the tech, they carry it back to a hole.
-if the protagonist comes within 2 meters of them, and presses space, they scatter 3 meters away leaving the object.
-once the protagonist touches the tech, he wins. with the enemies stopping where they are, and the protagonist lifting the tech in his mighty glory.

i need help with the aliens obtaining and dropping the tech, and with the space press and stuff. please help.
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