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Try something like this for the alien's movement:

While alien is at least .5 meters from tech and daze == false
Alien move .05 meters duration 0 seconds towards tech

Tech set vehicle to alien
Alien turn to face hole

While alien is at least (hole's width) away from hole
alien move .05 meters duration 0 seconds towards tech

And this for when the player hits space:

If player is within 2 meters of alien
daze set value to true
alien move 3 meters away from player duration .5 seconds
do nothing

Then add a "when a variable changes" event which looks like this:

if daze == false
do nothing
wait 3 seonds
daze set value to false

Now, you'll have to write this code out yourself, copy the alien movement method to all three aliens, and there may be a few things you need to change to make it work smoothly (that's where YOU come in). If you have any other questions though, feel free to ask.
How do I set those values to false/true? why are they values? Im creating them as methods. Should they be functions?
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