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Default 06-16-2012, 01:40 AM

I apologize for the double-dose of useless criticism you've received. Here's something you can actually learn from.

Firstly, it seems like you don't know how to use 0 second durations. Use 0 seconds for durations of actions that should be instantaneous, such as menu changes. Another, considerably more useful application of zero second durations: continuous, gradual movement. As it stands, you must repeatedly tap the movement keys to walk. I changed your world so that holding down the move and sprint keys will give you continuous motion as a demonstration. I recommend making the enemies use continuous motion as well.

Second, making the weapons move at the same time the camera does is easier if you vehicle the weapons to the camera. Simply change the weapon's vehicle property (there's a properties tab on the center-left side of the screen) from "World" to "Camera" when the player walks over the weapon, and the weapon will be effectively glued to the camera, but still able to move independently of it if need be.

Finally, I'm not sure how health and collision are handled in your game, but they don't seem to work. If you need help with it, let us know and we can offer a few pointers.

I hope this helps you more than "derp derp, it's buggy, hurrrrrrrr."
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