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Multiquote time
Originally Posted by Dj Tech42 View Post
I was using your string-to-number conversion script before, but this should make things faster.
I haven't been able to try this yet, but it sounds good. However, I may have to change some things to make it cross-platform like I did with the File I/O Tool.
It should work perfectly cross platform, without any changes. You don't actually do anything with files, that is all handled by the tool, you just ask it to save or load a variable. Everything, for every game using this is stored in one file, this is a better approach than using multiple files. You therefore definitely need to set the game_title and author variables otherwise you might interfere with somebody else's saves.

Originally Posted by jediaction View Post
I used it in Halo 2. It works great, but you have to have the file it is looking for to switch to, in the same folder.
That's the World Loader Tool you're talking about, this is a new tool for saving.

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Ought I to sticky this post most excellent?
Originally Posted by Dj Tech42 View Post
Yay .


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