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Default 09-13-2016, 07:33 PM

Reading further in the book and watching some Alice youtube videos, I found the answers to some of my challenges for this assignment:

- To make the moon hang in the sky from the beginning of the animation, all I had to do was elevate it, using the 'Move Objects Up and Down With The Mouse' control in the 'Move Objects Freely Section'.

- To make the moon rotate continuously in the sky while the mummy animation is happening, I needed to create an Event for 'While the world is running'.

- Still haven't figured out how to get the mummy to be laying down in the coffin at the start of the animation. I thought maybe this can be done with a 'When the World Starts' event, but then I read somewhere that only one OR the other World Event can be used, so... hmm, not sure how I could have achieved both the moon spinning and the mummy lying in the coffin.
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