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A few questions about the 2.3.3 update
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Question A few questions about the 2.3.3 update - 04-14-2013, 10:54 AM

The bug fixes all seem good, but in the feature modifications:

  • Replaced function "int(a) as String" with "int(a)".
Why? All this seems to have done for the end user is break backwards compatibility in some cases.

  • Removed Take Picture feature.
  • Removed Screen Capture tab from Preferences menu.
Again, why? This feature worked fine as far as I could tell and was quite useful, has it been replaced and I'm just missing it somehow?

  • Added a menu item to view Alice license.
Not really that helpful, but I suppose marginally useful.

  • Change the output text of "Print" statements.
When I try to print a normal line of text now, it just says "None"

  • Removed "Export As A Web Page" feature.
This feature was buggy, but it still worked in certain cases, so a simple warning message would have sufficed.
Case of point - this web export of the original Resident Penguin by x2495iiii works fine for me: Resident Penguin Classic


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