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Assignment 4
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Default Assignment 4 - 07-20-2017, 05:41 PM


I think this is my favorite assignment thus far! It allowed for personal creativity and I took pride in trying to get it just right. I can not wait to I get familiar with how to do more gestures. I liked creating the storyboard. I named my two main characters after my nieces and sent it to them as a video clip. They loved it.

I have finally getting caught up. So glad I took this class during the summer while I was off and had a lot of time on my hand to give it my full attention.

I'm still working to get more familiar with functions and poses. They don't always work correctly when I try to use them. Figuring out the math for the variables has been an issue. Math has not always been my buddy, I had no idea how much math goes into programming.
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