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How to save user word input (string) to make score?
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Default How to save user word input (string) to make score? - 10-15-2020, 04:40 PM


This is not for a school project. I use Alice as a hobby and the current "home" project I'm doing is for a family online experience (due to COVID remote distancing). That said, I set up a theme where a character asks my nephew to put his user input after being asked a question (in which the character will respond with being incorrect or correct). However, the user input is a string and not an integer. This is where I'm having some confusion.

How do I have the program "store" or save my nephew's word, not interger, answer to calculate for a score at the end of the animation?

So far, I made a list of appropriate global scene variable textstrings that are the words of the name of the objects in my animation. Basically he is being asked ot name the objects in the animation.

I have a proper:

If *getstringfromuser* "Question" *equalsignorecase* this."__" Then this character says "Good job!" else "Incorrect!" statement"

I have all my questions and If Then statements setup and my character responding with the appropriate response, but I don't know how to keep track of the correct answers to create a score or total in the end.

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